“Art of War” Video Campaign


Help Derosnec create her first music video! This video is more than just a music video…

This project is about creating art, music, and videos to empower those who feel victimized. This is a pilot project, using my own song called “Art of War,” from my album Bullheaded, which is scheduled for release as a music video on August 5th.

I wrote this song as a response to being on the receiving end of bullying for much of my childhood. Despite the difficulties and pain I faced, I’ve found that the emotional journey I’ve experienced is something I want to share. “Art of War” is a very significant part of that journey, where I found that could turn the anger and negative experiences into creative and productive energy.

The music video will focus on an example of a defining moment in life that anyone can relate to: where you can either withdraw from oppression, degradation, and negativity, or use the opportunity to stand up and fight back. While acknowledging moments like that are difficult, I think that through art and music we can inspire and empower others that are struggling to become more confident in themselves!

Though this is my debut in terms of a personal music project, I have years of experience as a filmmaker, having started my film production company, Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions, when I was twelve. I also have strong connections to a team of talented local filmmakers that are just as dedicated to this vision of growth and self-expression as I am. I know that we would all love to have you join us in making “Art of War” and help fight against the little daily wars that have no military budget: bullying.

The Video

Because bullying happens in all kinds of contexts, I want to show all kinds of people who have been bullied. We see them singing along with my song defiantly in the face of their oppressors. They get beaten down, but they stand back up. They are intercut with images of my confident self, as well as images of my own inner battle—manifested in a boxing match between my actual self and my negative self. Fingers and hands overwhelm the shadow figure, until finally we all break out of the cycle and dance together in confidence to turn that negative energy into something beautiful.

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