About Us

The Oh Just Peachy Studios Music Collective is a a group of artists who, through a mutual love of music, support each other creatively and professionally for the love of art.

While each artist is unique in genre, they all share a common goal: to make howlin' good music!

Each artist benefits from the others creatively, sometimes by playing on each other's music or by acting as honest critics/producers. This is especially important because each artist is a completely independent, un-signed musician/composer who works on music as a labour of love. With little to no budget, each artist records and produces each other, bringing in experience and a continuously higher standard of production. When one succeeds, the others do as well.

It is with this mixture of a grass-roots approach to promotion and a highly supportive creative atmosphere that members of the Oh Just Peachy Studios Music Collective are able to make great music into great products.

While we encourage you to share our music freely to people who would have their lives bettered by our efforts and artistic expression, please consider supporting our musicians by buying their songs or merchandise.

The Oh Just Peachy Studios Music Collective is directly connected to Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions, which is a small audio and video production company located in Los Angeles, CA. Both are headed by independent artist, Nina Helene Hirten.