Everson Poe

Everson Poe is Mae Shults: a trans, queer, multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. Often in collaboration with various vocalists, she balances elements from many diverse genres while maintaining the goal of merging beauty with loudness.

She has been releasing music for over a decade with OJPS, and is excited to share she is now signed with Trepanation Recordings (since 2020).

Sounds Like:

  • Cloudkicker
  • If These Trees Could Talk
  • ISIS
  • Poison the Well
  • Mastodon
  • Dillinger Escape Plan
Albums with OJPS
Singles/EPs with OJPS

Everson Poe - This Is My Design (EP) Everson Poe - All Yr Idols (Single) Everson Poe - Blackthorn (Single) Everson Poe - Monument (EP)

Soundtracks with OJPS

Everson Poe - Sweet Analytics (Soundtrack) Everson Poe - Taste (Soundtrack) Everson Poe - Social Creatures (Soundtrack) Everson Poe - Ruby Wilder (Soundtrack) Everson Poe - Brewed (Soundtrack) Everson Poe - Sandalwood (Soundtrack) Everson Poe - Julia Pastrana (Soundtrack)


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