Everson Poe

Everson Poe As Everson Poe, Maxwell Shults has written, performed, produced, recorded and mixed well over 200 songs in the last few years. Originally just a guitar player, Maxwell taught himself how to play a handful of other instruments, as well as how to record on varioius analog devices, and eventually ProTools.

Defying classification in any one genre, Maxwell's music is constantly evolving and garnering inspiration from various sources. Always personal but never pretentious, the majority of his work is instrumental. His lyrics are of a dream-like quality, weaving in and out of coherence. Collaborators occasionally lend their voices, or he makes due with his own. His scream is chameleon-like, adapting itself to function within the confines of any given song. With his expertly carved musical landscapes, Maxwell creates an environment in which you can simply get lost in the music and let go.

Sounds Like:

  • Cloudkicker
  • If These Trees Could Talk
  • ISIS
  • Poison the Well
  • Mastodon
  • Dillinger Escape Plan

Everson Poe - This Is My Design (EP) Everson Poe - All Yr Idols (Single) Everson Poe - Blackthorn (Single) Everson Poe - Monument (EP)


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