So, what is a music collective?

col·lec·tive • adjective kə-ˈlek-tiv:
1 : denoting a number of persons or things considered as one group or whole

We are a group of artists (and friends) that work together to create, promote, and expand our art. From a creative standpoint, this means sometimes working on each other's music, as well as providing feedback and constructive criticism in order to continually learn, grow, and achieve the highest level of quality as we can. From a promotional standpoint, this means spreading the word and using our individual talents to help each other—be it design, art, video, networking, etc.

While each artist's music is still absolutely distinct to the individual, we appreciate the extended experience that artistic and creative collaboration can bring, as well as the benefits of having the most reach as possible through each other.

What is Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions?

Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions is the brainchild of the OJPS Music Collective director, Nina Helene Hirten. It's a very small for-profit audio-visual production company located in Los Angeles, California. There, she makes movies, music videos, artwork, and music both on commission as well as the good ol' fashioned way of making media entertainment.

Why don’t you just call yourself a label?

While we're certainly doing everything that a label does (all our releases are catalogued and promoted under OJPS) we would prefer this site to act as a vehicle for the artists rather than act as a designated promotional company. The collective itself does not take a percentage from each artist's music or merchandise sales— so for example, if DEROSNEC sells a DEROSNEC T-shirt and CD, DEROSNEC is the only one who gets the money.

All that said, we do put Oh Just Peachy Studios as the label whenever there is a "label" field, because it is one of the best ways for us to achieve cross-promotion for all of our artists.