Lyra – Sorrow (EP)

March 28, 2017 Nina 0 comments
Lyra’s debut EP “Sorrow”. Catalogue #:¬†OJPS025 Release Date:¬†September 23, 2016 Have a listen and buy/download directly from Bandcamp: Sorrow by Lyra Album Notes inspired by “A Lot Of Sorrow” by Ragnar Kjartansson / The National shaped by the four natural elements this EP was written, performed, recorded, & mixed completely collaboratively, all in three days, with nothing planned ahead of time credits released September 23, 2016 written, performed, produced, recorded, & mixed by jon & mae at hell’s half acre studio, september 10th, 11th, & 17th, 2016 photographs by jon 1. (water) witch jon – lyrics, vocals mae – loop, percussion 2. (fire) cleansed jon – vocals, left/right guitars, additional drums mae – bass, center guitar, drums 3. (earth) monsters jon – lyrics, vocals, baritone guitar, end piano mae – lyrics, additional vocals, bass, drums, end drone guitar 4. (air) honey jon – lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass mae – drums, e-bow guitar thank you – nancy shults, bobette penick, caitlin aase, sarah santarelli, kelsey chigas, alexis atwill, lindsey barlag thornton, traci penick, justine hirten, & all of the strong women in our lives; also, the national, for inspiration Read More