As Panoptic’s release comes closer we’re pleased to present the first single from the EP in music video form! Check out the music video for Criminal (Panopticon) by DEROSNEC! Read More
It’s official! “Panoptic” the EP will be released on Jan 10, 2017! It features production by Big Epic Sound and JP Anderson (of Rabbit Junk), performances by Everson Poe, and a helluva lot of Nina. It’s heavy hitting and fun, and I’ve put more of my heart and soul into it than ever before – I can’t wait to share it with you all! I’ll be posting clips, photos, and all sorts of other cool stuff there right up until the release. Thank you so much!! Read More
DEROSNEC has recently been performing with I AM MANDRAKE – the latest show “Runway Jubilee” has been posted on Youtube, so don’t miss it! You can see all the live videos on the I AM MANDRAKE website as well as the official DEROSNEC website. Here’s one to wet your taste buds: Read More