Everson Poe has officially released his second album, Maiden of Fire! You can download it for free on the Everson Poe Official siteĀ (or right here via the soundcloud player below), but we’d prefer it if you supported the artist by buying a copy on bandcamp! Read More
Everson Poe is looking to put his tracks on vinyl! It’s been a long time coming, but we need your help! Please go to the official Kickstarter page and pledge a couple of bucks to go towards this music worthy of vinyl! Read More
Now you can download Model M‘s new album, The Eagle on iTunes! This album is great if you’re looking for high-energy workout music, high-speed car chase scene music, or all around good listening. It’s a mix of aggressive beats with both electronic and analog instrumentation that is sure to want to get you to stand up and move. Read More